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I woke up at 425 this morning. I'm normally crawling into bed at this time but it's KAT-TUN Day! Yea!

I'm currently on a regular train which left at 534 from Hamamatsu. Huh?! Why am I not on a bullet train? At the last moment I found out I could spend a bit of time hanging out with happygoluckycat and renchan5 so of course I jumped at the opportunity. We were also able to spend a bit of time with samiancha too. It was really nice chatting last night! AMAAAAASU! o(^-^)o

Sah, only four more hours until we're there. I hope the goods line isn't torturous! (>_<)

Breakfast was inarizushi and spring noodles. Oh caffeine, how I need thee... will I survive to the end of the day?

We switched to a home liner in Shizuoka. Oh it's so luxurious!

Hi, Mt, Fuji! You're extra pretty today. (^O^)/

So, the train's actually carpeted and quiet. I could get used to this type of train.

I had an AIBA moment... or a special one at least. I opened up my cellphone and, thinking it was broken, yelled out, "Why does my cellphone say it's seven AM?!" to which renchan5 responded, "Because it is." (*>_<*)

Well, we've switched to a regular train awhile ago. The train's rather crowded. A creepy man keeps staring at us and it's weirding me out...

Saa... KJ8 is performing in Niigata today. I hope they have a good show.

I can't wait for Tuesday! (.^_^)

Wow, my stomach's growling again already...

We're in the goods line. Yea! I'm predicting a two hour wait. We'll see.

The stuff in general looks pretty much the same though... Except for the posters and clear files. Wee!

Renchan5 went to go see what everyone's gathering around and taking pix of.

It's super warm. I hope it doesn't get too much warmer today...

I was wrong. It's hot and taking much longer... (T_T) And I'm thirsty and all the tea's sold out.

BUT! We heard them rehearsing "REAL FACE" earlier and all I could think about was THE *tsk*. Yes, THAT *tsk*! Tee hee... o(^-^)o

Gosh... I hope I don�t forget anything...

Done! and I have Starbuck's! and a truck promoting the new single just went by. (^_^)v


My cellphone was quickly losing energy so I switched it off. and I went in search of a purikura booth but, alas, there was a line. Also, my feet were starting to ache. My shoes were comfy but not for 5 hours of standing in line. (T.T)

We found our seats and, oh my!, SA-chan was so kind. Kame tried his best when it came to Nagoya but there are so many pros and cons to seating location... And then, you smack yourself for being such a brat. (.^_^)

Anyway, our seats were just to the left of the back substage, which was over homeplate. A large VTR screen was just to our right behind us.

The main stage was spread over the outfield. It was the same cage like setup with the same ugly glowing eyed bulldog on top as Nagoya except stretched out. There were also 6 elevator risers as opposed to 5; and 6 VTR screens as opposed to 4. There was also a center stage and tracks to signify that moving stages, as seen during the Countdown and �Real Face� DVD, would probably be used.

We had about an hour to wait so after prepping our uchiwas, penlights and binoculars, so we looked at some photos and �s pamphlet. We ooh-ed and ahh-ed over the new photos. I noticed that the Kame pix I�d bought were damaged. I also realized I�d only gotten one SA-chan clearfile when I should�ve gotten two. Blast! (>_<)o

Ugh... so sleepy... I was on the verge of falling asleep in my seat when... when...



1. SHE SAID...
3. Real Face
4. 僕らの街で
6. Jumpin� up
7. Peaceful days
8. someday for somebody {亀梨和也}
10. Movin� on
11. Make U Wet {田中聖}
12. BEATBOX {中丸雄一&Violin-kun&石垣大祐}
14. Freeze
15. GOLD
16. ONE ON ONE (中丸雄一&田中聖)
17. スペハピ (亀梨和也&田口淳之介)
18. BUTTERFLY (赤西仁&上田竜也)
19. Messenger
20. MC
21. JR.S
23. YOU
25. サムライ☆ラブ☆アタック {田口淳之介}
26. オリジナルブルー
27. ピカピカII
28. key of life {中丸雄一}
29. LOST {上田竜也}
31. ハルカナ約束
32. ど~かなるさ
33 うたいつづけるとき
-- 喜びの歌
-- No Matter Matter
-- Will Be All Right
-- Real Face


(Note: �Left� and �Right� always refer to my �left� and �right� while facing the mainstage.)


A purple bulldog with an �N� on its chest came out onstage. Next were pink �K,� blue �U,� orange �T,� yellow �T� and the creepy bulldog. �N� and �K� gave each other high fives and a hug in the middle of the stage. �K� then went to the left to wiggle his butt around at everyone. �U� went to sleep and �T� tapped him on the shoulder to wake him up.

Red �A� was the last to appear. His bulldog face even had the hair flip too! The entire dome got extra loud... and this was just the Akanishi bulldog costume! He wandered around and turned around to shake his butt for everyone too.

Violin-kun came out and started playing. They all gathered onto the mainstage and after a group hug they lined up to dance to the instrumental version of �REAL FACE.� The creepy bulldog had a microphone to sing into. The KAT-TUN bulldogs were so cute during the circular hand movements to the left and right dance step part.

A school bell chimed and the cartoon versions of the bulldogs, lined up on the VTR, all bowed. Oh! They were so cute! Why couldn�t *they* have been on the goods instead of the creepy bulldog?! They went through all of the No-No�s for the concert. I don�t really remember this part too well... �N� was lost and was told by the creepy bulldog where to go. Orange �T� was taking pictures. �U� was dancing on a chair before the creepy bulldog came and whacked him with the mic stand. I think �K� was talking on the cellphone and yellow �T� had the signboard warning, or was it the creepy bulldog? I can�t remember. �A� gave the parent/child section guidelines.

�TSUAA ni sen nana nen (Tour 2007), Cartoon KAT-TUN II You! Hajimari Hajimari! (Start)!�

Even with all of the lights shut off, it was still kind of bright in Tokyo Dome because of the sun filtering in through some cracks in the ceiling... I think that was the reason. Everyone jumped to their feet and Tokyo Dome was filled with glittering penlights! I�d changed the batteries in my star penlight so it was extra bright and shiny! (.^_^)

�Welcome to Cartoon KAT-TUN II You!�

A dramatic overture was playing in the background and an English voice introduced everyone from Hey! Say! 7 to ABC to that one person from Kis-My-Ft II to Question?. Yea! All of the Jr.s were on stage. It�s still a shock to see when everyone�s on stage because there�re just so many of them and it�s energetic dancing overload.

KAT-TUN�s faces and names were flashed across the screen. Everyone squealed and cheered for their favorites. The Japanese girl next to me and I surprised each other from how loudly we screamed when Kame�s face appeared. I surprised myself too actually. (*^_^*) I kya-ed just as loudly for SA-chan. and I made sure to let Taguchi know that we love him. (.^_^)v


A story book with the ugly bulldog logo opened on the screen and pictures of KAT-TUN were flashed across the screen. SA-chan showed us how much he loved us all by giving everyone the middle finger in his picture. Hahaha!

KAT-TUN appeared with a flash of fire! There were flames shooting all over the place on the mainstage.

I didn�t know where to look! Pretty KAT-TUN was running all around the mainstage! What do I do?! Who do I look for?! (@_@)

SA-chan was wearing sunglasses and looking extra beautiful. His longer hair was ruffled a bit.

Ueda was looking really lovely with his glasses and lightened hair.

Taguchi was super energetic.

More flames shot around the stage.


They rode the elevator type things to the top and were all over the jungle gym cage thing, leaning over the edge and such.

Kame pulled off his sunglasses with flourish at his �Kikoena~i...� line. (♥_♥)

Instead of singing the anticipated �Hajimare no!,� SA-chan opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue all rock star style. Hahaha! (.♥3♥) Chu~!

It ended with a big blast of pyrotechnics. (>_<)

[Real Face]

They rode the elevators back down to the ground level mainstage.

Kame�s opening �Giri giri de itsumo...� and SA-chan�s �Ooo... woah...� really sticks out for some reason.

The audience was yelling, singing along and doing the participation dance along with KAT-TUN.

�Moriagatteru ka (Are you all excited)?!�

...and then... and then... �Shitau~chi o shita~! Tsk!� (*^_^*) Oh, that part is always going to make me squee, isn�t it? In Nagoya, they were actually being suspended from the air in the cage stage and they were slightly tilted forward over the center stage then.

Gosh! Everyone was so energetic during this song!

SA-chan seemed to mess up somewhere...

Part way through the song, the mainstage had risen and was moving them towards the center stage. It continued all the way to the backstage, where it was lowered for the next song.


This was such a pretty song. Only soft spotlights illuminated the backstage. Workers handed them mic stands and the boys positioned themselves into a circle. Kame was to the left facing the back part of the dome. SA-chan was towards the right, facing the mainstage.

White glitteriness was blown upwards into the air.

Kame followed up the lyrics from �bokura wa deatta no (At the place where we met)� with �Dome de... (Tokyo Dome)�

He and SA-chan were so very pretty in the way they sang into their microphones. They looked so soft and innocent and sad... Oh, I�m already starting to get mushy... I can�t help it. I really like this song.

Ueda should wear glasses more often.


The tone switched gears with quick paced music.

They all stripped out of the top layer of their outfits for a quick costume change.

KAT-TUN took turns greeting us. The order was KokiNakamaruUedaTaguchiSA-chanKame.

[Jumpin� up]

Tall 3 level cage-like trolley carts were waiting for them. Those things looked like they were going to tip over at any second, especially because some of them liked to hang off of side or randomly hump the bar they were holding onto.

Anyways, Koki and Nakamaru stayed on the backstage. Taguchi and Kame jumped on the one going to the left. SA-chan and Ueda were on the one going right.

This song was fun.

Taguchi was super energetic.

In Nagoya, this might�ve been the song where Koki made me cower in fear as he stared the audience down while going through on the trolley cart.

[Peaceful days]

They were all on trolley carts and being pushed through the arena area.

It was fun chanting the spelling of �KAT-TUN� numerous times.

Taguchi, again, was super energetic.

At the end of the song, Koki and Nakamaru had everyone yell and cheer. Yuto came out in the end and said something about reading. Koki then introduced Kame.

[someday for somebody {亀梨和也}]

The story book opened to reveal the title.

One Jr. was dancing in each of the squares (16?) that were on the back jungle gym cage thing. They were wearing light colored shirts and jeans.

Kame appeared in the center of the mainstage wearing jeans and a white shirt, which was being held by a single button. The type of shirts Kame wore during this part and the way they were held by a single button, allowed for lots of glimpses of his tummy. [squishes]

The lighting of the stage was soft and muted. As he changed his shirt, the colors of the lights also switched to match.

He went behind a curtain to change into his pink shirt and pink hat. He and the four main Jr.s he was with (ABC?) danced up the stairwell. He tossed his pink hat away and the four of them, in a falling domino pattern, fluttered a pink scarf up into the air. They descended the stairs behind another curtain and came out wearing green. The center stage rose and he did a freefall backflip out of sight. When he appeared again, he�d changed into blue. The Jr.s gathered around him to exchange his blue shirt for a white one. He went to one of the elevator platforms on the stage backdrop, which lifted him to the very top.

�Itsuka kitto, kimi no tame ni... (someday, no doubt, for you)�

At the very end, he blew a kiss and turned to reveal two hands being held beneath a red heart. He stood at the very top for a long time before the spotlight finally cut out.

Maybe being tired was making me extra mushy but as he continued to sing, I could actually feel tears in the corner of my eyes. Eh?! (O.o) I never cry. Weird... Anyway... Moving on... Kekeke...


A police siren wailed through the air. Someone was wanted and was on the run.

�Their name is K, A, T, T, U, N.�

Their faces flashed on the screen. Nakamaru had a weird face that looked like he was in the middle of laughing really hard. Ueda had a cute smile and a peace sign. SA-chan was giving us all the middle finger and Kame was razzing us.

Then, one by one they had an action appearance. SA-chan crossed himself before jumping from the very top, wearing a bungee cord. He kind of hung there and bounced up and down for a bit. Kame razzed us before his stunt.

There was some really cool dancing on a darkened stage. There was a red tone to the lighting and lots of jerky movements in time to what sounded like gun shots.

[Movin� on]

Kame had put his hair up in the fountain spout style! It was so~ cu~te! [squishes] I actually started finding this hairstyle back when I watching �Nobuta o Produce.�

This song had a Broadway feel.

It involved bench dancing choreography. There might�ve been batons twirled around too... SA-chan was on the bench that was second to the left.

The end had some crazy dancing and a hooded someone rising to the top on one of the elevator platforms. The lights cut out and there was a large boom!

[Make U Wet {田中聖}]

Koki appeared on the backstage, did some break dancing and then an extremely catchy and familiar melody filled the dome.

The footwork part of this song looked like a figure skater�s with the quickness and intricacy. Then, he switched to tons of pelvic thrusting and �bounce wiz me� arm movements... (-_-;)

At Nagoya, he wore a black hooded cloak with a sparkly �Joker� written on the back. This time, he decided that clothing was too much trouble and started off with a shirt, tank top and baggy pants. As the song went one, he gradually stripped himself of the shirt and tank top until he was just in his baggy pants with the tops of his underwear showing.

Part way through the song, the stage started to move towards the center stage. When it reached it, ABC joined him as backup dancers. Koki then leaned back with his hands on the ground behind him and �boom boom�-ed up into the air. (O.O)

I guess Koki�s not trying to throw water balloons at �U� in this song after all...

[BEATBOX {中丸雄一&Violin-kun&石垣大祐}]

Koki and Nakamaru made us all yell and scream again.

Nakamaru pretended to �crack� his neck to which everyone cringed. He did it one more time with a look of evil pleasure before beatboxing. He also let on that he�s the voice of the creepy bulldog. He may�ve done the voices for the other cartoon KAT-TUN bulldogs too. He hummed and beatboxed at the same time. It was quite neat.

He then introduced Violin-kun. Violin-kun was really talented on the violin. Nakamaru, who was kind of sweaty, tried to make a violin sound but kind of flubbed the first time and tried again. He and Violin-kun then performed a duet.

He next introduced Question?�s Ishigaki. After a brief intro solo, the three of them did a trio. The tempo gradually sped up until the end.


�Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls!�

�Fashion Show� was written on the large back LCD. One by one, the boys appeared in the frilliest and most hideous outfits ever via trolley cart and were pushed to the center stage as their names were called out Western-style. They also each threw a signboard into the audience.

First was Kazuya Kamenashi. He was pushed in from the right. He kissed his signboard and threw it into the audience.

Next was Tatsuya Ueda. His cart was pushed in from the left at top speed. The hood of his costume was up and he was wearing his glasses.

He was followed by Junnosuke Taguchi, Jin Akanishi, Yuichi Nakamaru and Koki Tanaka. Koki�s signboard had a strange Mickey Mouse drawn on it.

SA-chan�s green tinted costume was the biggest and frilliest of all. He must have swept his hand towards the other five members and said, �I want my costume to use the same amount of material as all of theirs combined!�

After everyone was on the center stage, they took off the frilly outfits to show the white costumes underneath. They had mics on stands. SA-chan was on the main stage side of the center stage. Kame was on the backstage side of the center stage.

There were some heartbeats. Then the opening notes of �Peak� began and they all did that leaning back sweeping circular motion thing. Yea!

Everyone except for SA-chan and another didn�t tilt their mic stand to the ground and then kick it back up again. SA-chan was also a step behind on the choreography. It wasn�t because he was being lazy about it... It seemed as though he just didn�t know the dance that well for this one yet. 頑張れ~, SA-chan! However, if you continuously flub it up... (>_<)


Everyone jumped onto trolley carts which pushed them to the main stage. SA-chan and Ueda were in the left aisle. Kame was in the right aisle.

The audience participated in the �Yeah yeah!� and �Oh oh!� parts. Everyone was still quite energetic.


The back LCD had a pirate flag waving and, knowing which song was coming up, I squealed. This song�s a favorite for some reason.

�All or nothing, now or never, we can make it happen...� ♪

The group split up onto the tall 3 level cage-like trolley carts again. SA-chan, Ueda and Koki were on the left. Kame, Taguchi and Nakamaru were on the right. Both had some of the Jr.s and Question? band members with them.

It was so much fun singing along to this song. I think everyone was singing along to almost all of the group songs the entire evening. (.^_^)

When both of the carts reached the backstage, some of them stepped off onto it. SA-chan ran down to the bottom level of the trolley cart and behind a black curtain.


Only the backstage was lit up. Somewhere during this, feathers were blown up into the air.

ONE ON ONE (中丸雄一&田中聖) -- I was still looking at the curtain that Akanishi had ran behind.

スペハピ (亀梨和也&田口淳之介) -- Aww... Taguchi�s so cute. I couldn�t see him or Kame that well because of the trolley carts.

BUTTERFLY (赤西仁&上田竜也)] -- This song was unrecognizable at first for some reason... but when it clicked, I was quite happy.

�What an amazing butterfly...�


Everyone swapped trolley carts, so Kame was on the one going left and SA-chan on the one going right.

When the trolley carts were lit up, everyone went wild for some reason. Maybe the other members of Kis-My-Ft II were on it?

Also, every time they go by on these carts, it always feels as though they�re looking directly at you but of course that�s a bit silly; they�re just looking in the general direction of the audience, ne? (.^_^)

The bulldog�s eyes were glowing blue or something. They changed often for a lot of the songs.

The back LCD had a stars-in-the-sky motif.

�Clap your hands, nidotonai, ima o tanoshiku sawagouze... lalalala... tsutaetai kono vaibu o, we are the messenger!�


MC... MC... What did they chat about? Hmmm... Pretty SA-chan saying stuff and looking around with his pretty eyes. Lovely Kame being lovely Kame... Cutie Taguchi being picked on by everyone... Hmm...

They asked us if we were having a good time and it�d being a year since they�d last performed at Tokyo Dome. It�s also been over a year since their debut. Yea!

The first topic of conversation was about SA-chan. He said, �It�s been awhile.�

I guess he�d been performing a little in previous shows but this was his very first full show.

They asked who watched their TV show, �Cartoon KAT-TUN,� and who�d bought their new DVD and CD. One of them said it was OK to raise our hands even if it was a lie. Hahaha! Koki said there were two people who didn�t raise their hands when asked about the DVD.

The new single was mentioned. It�s being released the same day as KJ2. (.^_^) [shakes shiny penlight at Mr. Johnny]

All of the dramas were mentioned too. Nakamaru kept making some sort of comment with percentages.

Poor Taguchi was continuously getting picked on!

Koki asked him, �Why do you keep smiling even when you�re being picked on? Are you M? Do you find it satisfying?�

Kame said, �In the Cartoon corner, Taguchi has found Koki�s kick to be pleasant.�

Taguchi said, �Check it out, yo!�

Then, Koki went over and kicked him in the leg. But, Taguchi kept on smiling.

LoL! SA-chan was cracking up. They picked on SA-chan a little too by saying things like, �Mt. Fuji erupted while you were gone.�

SA-chan just responded with a suave, �I know.�

He wouldn�t take the bait. Of course. Hahaha! (.^_^)

Koki said that he�d sung everyone�s solo at karaoke but Taguchi�s was the only one that wasn�t fun. Then, Kame spoke up.

�I shared a room with Taguchi in New York. We were choosing our solo songs. He asked me, �Kazuya, listen to this!� I agreed to listen to the demo tape but it ended up being on repeat for 2 hours.�

Someone teased, �Eh? He calls you Kazuya when it�s just you two? Usually he calls you Kamanashi-san...�

Taguchi didn�t remember listening to the song endlessly on repeat.

�Because you fell asleep!� Kame answered.

�Oh, I don�t remember.�

In that part, Kame was pretending to sleep on a pet bottle and looking all angelic.

Koki piped up again and imitated Taguchi singing in the shower. He tilted his head back and belted out, �Yami ni hikaru~!�

He did that a couple of times. It was hilarious!

Taguchi suddenly said, �I like lit up penlights!�

At that, the audience started to turn on their penlights, including me. Koki noticed and said, �Ah! You don�t have to turn them back on! You don�t have to do such miniscule things. In fact, turn them off when Taguchi�s solo starts.�

�Stop it!� Taguchi wailed. �I�m not M!�

Poor Taguchi! (>_<) He took it all in stride though. He almost seemed to enjoy the attention. Maybe he *is* M. (.^_~)


A.B.C., Hey! Say! Seven and Question? each had a short performance.

It ended with a loud blast.


Before this song, each of the members of KAT-TUN were pushed on trolley carts to the center stage for a brief intro dance.

Koki did a break dance segment and a backflip. Kame just sort of stood there and didn�t really do much of anything. Nakamaru did something that looked like the robot. Taguchi did a nice dance which kind of emphasized just how long his legs really are. SA-chan showed that he could still swing his hips around quite well. Ueda�s was a regular dance. He didn�t have his glasses on anymore for the rest of the show.

The outfits had an olive greenish color scheme.

Question? was introduced.

�Chiku chiku ah...�

SA-chan looked a bit off during this dance too. Although, the costume looked a bit heavy and difficult to dance in.

Part way through, the stage moved to the mainstage where they stripped off the coat part of their outfits. The shirts underneath were pinkish.


They lined up on elevator platforms at the back of the stage. From left to right, it was Nakamaru, Ueda, SA-chan, Koki, Taguchi and Kame.

The stage was dark except for the bars in the front of the platform they were standing on. The platforms moved up and down to make different bar chart patterns. The back LCD had white lettering that dissolved from �Y� to �O� to �U� over and over.

SA-chan did his peace sign from �Gokusen 2.�

They all exited through the floor.


At the Nagoya show, Kame and A.B.C. had done a cage dance at this point with Kame doing acrobatics on a rope dangling from the ceiling apparatus that moved the cage forward and backwards.

At the Tokyo show, and other shows after SA-chan�s return, they had a letter reading segment. Each boy held their letters in a gold trimmed folder with the bulldog pattern on it. Each boy would enter one side of the stage as the person was reading their letter to him, except for Taguchi. The stage was dark with spotlights and a bit of fog for mood. The brighter spotlight was on the reader.

The order was Yuto → KameKokiUedaSA-chanNakamaruTaguchi. * (Things in quotes are translated from various mixi.jp reports because I�m too lazy to transcribe this time...)

Yuto: �Thanks for everything. When I first entered, you always worried and did things like wait with me until my mother came to pick me up. Please be my big brother forever!�

Kame (to Yuto): He thanked him and joked that he was only as tall as his knee... as least when he first started at JE. He then said that he, Yuto and Yamada should all go to Yokohama.

Kame (to Koki): He was saying some embarrassing things and laughing. He then said that even though he wrote it, he couldn�t continue to say this stuff in front of 55,000 people. Koki told him to keep talking. �Koki supports me. It�s great that I�m in the same group with JOKER.�

Koki: �We had a fight at our first meeting. This was you then.� He fumbled with the book and showed a picture of Ueda behind a mic stand. (^_^?) �Then, we talked about seeing fairies. I really thought it was crazy at the time. Once in a while, I really love the childlike curious you. P.S. Let�s go out to eat sometime soon.� Aww... he wasn�t the least bit intimidating at all here... (.^_^)

Ueda: �I also have to say something good...� He looked around until he found Akanishi and continued. �Akanishi-kun, kore kara yoroshiku ne.� Akanishi looked a bit surprised. �Say it properly. In the beginning of SHE SAID, you casually sing, �And, I�m going on a trip.�� Akanishi said that he didn�t notice. �Please don�t laugh in the beginning. Akanishi-kun, are you enjoying now? Are you happy? Things are said to you from the outside and you also have tough time but during those times, please rely on me anytime.�

Akanishi: �Nakamaru Hiromi-san. Shijimi shiru. Nakamaru-kun. I thought about you all while I was in LA. I wanted to be with you. I missed you...� Nakamaru told him not to reuse the same letter that he�d used for Ueda in Fukuoka. �I think it�s OK to have more confidence in yourself. A human beatbox is awesome. Also, a human beatbox is awesome. Furthermore, a human beatbox is awesome. Let�s go drink.� Nakamaru told him to call him anytime in the evening.

Nakamaru: �While playing games, quit saying, �dokka~n, dokka~n... die!� Taguchi-kun, you said you have something that you�ve gotten into recently. Sailormoon.� The audience gasped. He looked seriously at the audience and said, �Just kidding. You say you have a game that you�ve gotten into. Tokimeki Memoriam.� The audience gasped again. He looked at the audience and said, �Just kidding. Show us your cosplaying self on this tour. So, here�s Taguchi-kun�s solo!�

[サムライ☆ラブ☆アタック {田口淳之介}]

When Taguchi didn�t appear onstage to receive his letter, I just knew which song was going to be next!

He came out with his arm holding out his cape to show off the first letter of his first name written inside and wearing that cosplay outfit that�s in a photo that�s probably floating around the KAT-TUN fandom. The stage was super bright with lots of colors. The back LCD had some of the words to the chorus flashing across the screen. The Jr.s had pom-poms to shake around.

Pretty much everyone was singing. The audience sang the echo parts and the chorus. Wah~! (^O^)/ It was so much fun!

�L! O! V! E! Sore ike sore ike! Taguchi!�

After the first couple of stanzas, he pulled out the sword from his belt and strutted upon the stage.

Streamers exploded over the mainstage near the end.

The entire thing was extremely high energy and super super hyper. Taguchi was adorable. I wanted him to do it again! (.^_^)v


In Nagoya, Taguchi�s solo was followed up with the other guys coming out and teasing him. They all then drew straws to find out who would have to wear one of the costumes that time. Kame had to prance around in a sailor school uniform. He put the mic pack beneath the skirt, though, so it kept riding up as he was running around the hanamichi. LoL!

This time, the bulldogs came out one by one and each of the guys ran up to their own.

Kame made out with his. SA-chan said that his didn�t look anything like him.

Hooray for older songs! The stage was all lit up.

Everyone went from edge to edge of the main stage to wave and throw sign balls into the audience. There might�ve been some trolley cart riding through the arena, as well.

Kame thanked the Jr.s and then introduced Nakamaru�s �key of life.�

[key of life {中丸雄一}]

The storybook appeared on the screen again to show the title of the song.

The stage was rather dark and kind of purple-ish.

It started with a dance segment that included batons. There was also a blacklight with white gloves segment.

The song was pretty.

ABC back danced.

[LOST {上田竜也}]

Violin-kun played a small solo and the VTR had a message that told everyone to turn off their penlights. The entire dome was extremely dark and had a smoky and reddish-hued atmosphere. On the black screen, a blob of white was flashing in a lightning bolt type manner.

Ueda appeared onstage.

The beautiful lighting scheme for this was awesome! It rivaled Tsubasa �s �Toriko� lighting. Green and blue laser beams made weird rhythmic patterns and crazy swirly white patterns twirled behind him during the sped up sections of the song.

Near the very end, bright white bulbs flashed along the back jungle gym cage part of the stage.

�LOST� was rocking and high tension!


Everyone came out onto the main stage for the next song.

SA-chan had on a black hat with the number 13 on it. His hair was also pulled back because of it. His outfit was kind of odd with the way it was designed. He had on a coat but the back of the coat made it look as though there were two and the top red one was only on by one arm.

He was quite pretty whenever his face appeared on the VTR. (.^_^) Something happened between him and Koki, I think though, because one moment people were cheering and when I turned to look, Koki was running away...

I also heard him say, �...Ah! I messed up!�

Kame had his hair pulled back in a twisted ponytail. He was also wearing my favorite outfit! It�s the one with the black and red striped shirt, black blazer and jeans that have a �groovin� high� patch down one leg. He was very cute. [squishes]

I don�t think I�ve ever listened to this song before... It was nice.


The dome was so bright and happy! I kind of flubbed my way through the participation dance. They split up on the tall 3 level cage-like trolley carts for one last farewell trip around. Everyone was singing again. (.^_^)


There were more trolleys and more waving and such.


The VTR showed �Last Song� being written in the storybook.

They started on the backstage and as they sang, the staged moved towards the main stage.

Then they told the audience to sing. Aww...

Fireworks sparked and rained downwards on the main stage at the end.


The boys all looked a bit teary eyed as they gave their farewell messages.

Koki was first and said that he loved us. Taguchi said he loved us too. (.^_^)

The last two were SA-chan and Kame. SA-chan was standing directly behind the person who was giving the message at the time. When he gave his farewell message, he took off his hat and bowed.

�Thank you so much for today. I came in part way through but thanks to everyone and the staff, it�s been OK. Let�s laugh and stay together. Bye bye! I love you!�

�Let�s accompany each other; the six of us. Forever...�

The storybook had a final message before shutting for the last time -- �KAT-TUN, 6 nin de (as 6)...�


It didn�t take long for the chanting of �Encore!� to start. The girls in front of us made a comment about our pronunciation. Heh...

It also didn�t take long for the boys to come back out! I think it was because they didn�t take the time to change into the tour T-shirts.

They started with �Yorokobi no Uta.� The moving stage brought them from the main one towards the back. This was the first time I�d listened to the song. I quite like the lyrics, �Ai shiteru, ai shiteru...� Hahaha. (.^_^)

Next was �No Matter Matter.� This song was really catchy. �No matter matter... mata?� (.^_^) Ufufufu...

The boys jumped onto trolley carts and started going through the audience. Taguchi was really energetic throughout the entire encore.

The third song was �Will Be All Right.� It was pleasing to hear SA-chan sing this song live. Some of the lyrics were changed too. SA-chan threw in �Arigatou!� and such in. Taguchi was the only one wearing the tour T-shirt.

Everyone took their curtain call in the middle of this song. When it ended, all of KAT-TUN was gathered on the main stage to take a bow.

They left and everyone shouted for them to come back out again. Finally, they reappeared. Koki had his shirt off. They sang �REAL FACE� again. Yea! They were just running all over the place and waving and thanking everyone.

The *tsk*... Hahaha... (*^_^*)

Every once in a while I would look away and when I looked back again one of the guys who used to have a shirt on would suddenly be topless. This happened with Kame and Taguchi... I actually jumped a bit when it finally registered. Wah~!

At the end of the song, they assembled on the main stage, with Taguchi being one of the last to show up, and they all said their final goodbye... (;_;)

~* June 04, 2007 @ 10:38 pm *~

* Critiques? *

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